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Supreme Bowl! Was the Two Minute Football X Championship Season, based on the 2MF 3D engine that was adapted through subsequent releases. This variant had several release on
 is official site for all 2 Minute Football games. 2 Minutes Football was a free online football game played by folks around the world. It required the shockwave plug-in.

Sadly friends, the day has come that the Shockwave plug-in is no longer supported, so we are disabling these pages. The latest version of 2MF 3d is still on, for those that wish to try to enable the plugin. We are in the process of considering a few things so you can still play 2MF. One would be a MAC/PC version. If this would be of interest to you would you take the time to send us a note here? Thanks for your support!

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Two Minute Football Classic
was the original top down 2D version, that was first released in 1998. Versions of this variant were featured on Shockwave, NY Giants site, and the SEC Kids site.


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